The domain USCalumni.info was obtained in February of 2020 in the hope of setting up a location that all Upper St. Clair Alumni could have a presence. We are Alumni and not affiliated with The Upper St Clair School District. In addition we will never charge our USC alumni – All work and content will be free.

In 2003 the domain usc1975.com was purchased by Terry Clark so the class of ’75 could have all their classmates data and a location they could call their own.

Since 2003 we created individual websites for many classes, but this new site allows all of our Alumni in one location and the site is much simpler to update then the previously hand coded websites – this is a WordPress site which is used by over 70% of all websites. We welcome your contributions and will add pages as classes are interested.

We would like to thank all that have contributed content to the new site:

  • Sue Castriota for you artwork and pictures
  • F Joy Molton-Greening for your artwork.
  • Chal McCombs for your pictures.

if you would like to contribute or need help on your own Page, please notify us at jerry@uscalumni.info